Microsoft halts some AMD chip Meltdown patches after PCs freeze

Users are reporting that computers with older processors made by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on board will not start up after installing a package of fixes for Windows that includes mitigations for the Meltdown and Spectre chip flaws.

The technology company is working to send updates to billions of devices running Windows operating systems and are now vulnerable to hacking thanks to a hardware flaw.

The update is available from within Update & Security in the Settings app.

Microsoft was forced to halt the rollout of Meltdown and Spectre CPU fixes on Tuesday after its updates caused some PCs to become unbootable. Users have taken the Microsoft forums to share the issues with the patches which allegedly stops PCs from booting.

Microsoft is working with AMD to resolve this issue and resume Windows OS security updates to the affected AMD devices via Windows Update and WSUS as soon as possible.
The bugs were expected since the update rolled out in emergency after flaws in Intel, AMD and ARM chips were discovered. But the overall fix appears to have caused problems for AMD machines regardless. Ironically, AMD CPUs were immune to Meltdown but susceptible to Spectre, but the silver lining in that cloud has been dirtied by the patch problem. That said, in this instance, AMD PC owners should hold off while Microsoft addresses the boot failing issue.

The news comes after Apple announced on Monday it was releasing an update to protect its devices from the chip flaw which affects almost all computers and smartphones made within the past 10 years.

MICROSOFT HAS POINTED the finger of blame in the direction of AMD after update created to protect against the recent Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities started bricking machines using the company's processors.



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