Martin Luther King Day inspires volunteers

Martin Luther King Day inspires volunteers

Hundreds of Bloomington residents joined community leaders Monday night to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. "I'm not calling you to riot, I'm calling you to be heard, I gave you the steps to be heard", Thomas said. "The road conditions took a turn over the weekend". Wake up because today is looking like yesterday.

"No n***** day for us". "Thank you for coming out on your day off and making it a day on. Not just for one person", said Joseph Howard. "What's pretty clear, if an individual or individuals are that comfortable to speak like that on government time, then there's a culture issue there". We are all unique.

Certain Republicans have rallied behind Trump, casting doubt on what he said at the meeting with Republican and Democratic lawmakers. "We have to have limitless love and from love is power, from love comes understanding", Thomas said.

Trump himself marked the day with a videotaped speech posted on Twitter that alluded to King's celebrated "I Have a Dream" speech.

"He was the first African American man that was articulate, well dressed and cool".

"We've come a long way since Martin Luther King Jr., but we still have a long ways to go", Rucker said.

"Voices in the dark basement of our country have a sympathetic ear in the White House", said Tina Smith, Dayton's former lieutenant governor, who became a USA senator 10 days ago.

"Not that we're-don't like black people". For the county, it's a little over 14 percent. "And, this tells me we have a serious problem in that city".

"A lot of times these Mondays falls on days that is not his birthday", City Commissioner Nadia Sikes said.

There is one thing this community can agree on. There's an opioid epidemic.

"If we don't get it".

He challenged those who came out to participate to find ways to make the community more beloved. "Far more to be done, but let's honor MLK's great legacy by empowering all Americans with better schools and better opportunity". "I have kids in college", he said.

In his letter, King said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

About 105 people marched from the Boys and Girls Club, 201 Dale Scott Ave., then proceeded to Washington Avenue down to City Hall, 1376 E. Ninth St. where Mayor Richard Boss declared January 15, 2018, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He said it was important to speak out, to correct these behaviors and to keep King's dream alive.

HOUSTON-Interfaith Ministries honored Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy by offering Houston's youth a chance to serve. Day throughout the year.

"I know my history did not begin with slavery, but that is partly because I lived in Nigeria for seven years", he said.

Mission Waco started the events about 13 years ago, with a focus on bringing community members together to have conversations about racial equality, respect and dignity, Mission Waco executive director Jimmy Dorrell said. We need to face these systems that hold us back. "We build up rather than tear down".



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