Man fools cops with fake auto made of snow

Man fools cops with fake auto made of snow

"I did the auto to have fun expressing my creativity on that lovely day", he told the site. "So I chose to do something out of the mountain of snow".

A Canadian man's prank on cops was pure as the driven snow.

The police soon came to investigate because it was parked was in a snow removal zone, only to discover after some time that the auto was made entirely of snow.

A Canadian tricked police in Montreal this week by sculpting a Delorean out of snow, leading them to believe there was an illegally parked auto underneath. He placed a real windshield wiper on the vehicle to make it look as if everything but the wiper had been covered in snow, according to the news station.

Viral images posted to Simon Laprise's Facebook page show a full-size sculpture of a DeLorean.

Laprise, whose Facebook profile lists interests including 3D drawings, design, welding and mechanical engineering, told Buzzfeed that all the messages he's been getting froze his computer. But the note that was left indicates he probably wasn't angry at having been fooled.

Laprise said the auto was destroyed when the roads were cleared, according to the Daily News.



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