Liverpool legend Souness: Lallana must step in for Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho scored 7 goals for Liverpool

Klopp is considering his options during the January window but the ECHO understands that Liverpool won't be entering the race to sign wantaway Arsenal attacker Alexis Sanchez.

With Virgil van Dijk signing for £75 million just days earlier, cynics said that Coutinho's sale helped partly fund Liverpool's world-record spend on the Dutch defender. Since I've been in nobody told me "no way".

"We had a lot of talks about different things, how we can do this or that, but if somebody denies things like that then it is clear the decision is done".

"You want to play as much as possible but I am not the type of character to go bursting walls down", he says of the quiet start to life at Anfield. Few other teams in the Premier League - perhaps Spurs apart - have that skill set. It is not that they say "You've got this but on the other hand we've done this and this and so you can not spend".

Klopp continued: "The owners are completely on my side". The fact is he has gone now and we have to think about what we have got that is going to get the job done.

"We have no money issues at this club".

Liverpool's high press is not just about players running around like their hair is on fire (Andy Robertson's maniacal charge from one left-back position to the other notwithstanding). "We knew it [wouldn't], when the club tried everything". Klopp had already hinted he would rather wait, urging the rest of the squad to "step up" in the meantime.

"We have just brought in Virgil and what an unbelievable addition he has been".

"We want to try to be the best". It is the reality we accept. On Sunday he'll come up against one of the best players in the country and if he becomes isolated against Salah, he could be in for a tough 90 minutes. "You can not use him if he's not 100 per-cent".

"We were very happy playing together and we're friends". "We knew it when the club tried everything".

"So we have to carry on". Oxlade-Chamberlain. London is not a bad city I heard but he came here for the football. That's not how it will be.

"The biggest thing I've had to learn is how this manager likes to stop situations at source and how he likes to attack is slightly different to how my manager before [Arsène Wenger] liked to attack".

Klopp admitted that they can not convince "all players" to stay but that they must ensure to show them that "there is no need to leave from the sports side".

Klopp insists that history won't repeat itself. "I don't think it should affect us at all".

"We don't play "hero football". We never did it like that.

"It's if you lost your leg, do you know "phantom pain"?"



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