LG WK9 Google Assistant touch screen speaker makes mysterious CES 2018 debut

DISH TV announces Google Assistant integration
       By Rei Padla

Amazon already did it with the Echo Show but Lenovo's functionally named Smart Display (from US$$200) is arguably a better looking bit of kit. Along with these devices also a list "smart displays" were displayed. But at least we know more about the LG WK9 Google Assistant touch screen speaker today than yesterday.

If it seems like the Google Assistant is everywhere, that's kind of because it is. It has impressive stereo speakers of its own, tuned by Meridian Audio, but it stands out with an 8” touchscreen. In fact, Cortana will be competing against other assistants this year with more presence on devices.

The Google Assistant is available on your Android phone, iPhone, and headphones, helping you when you're on the go. "We're excited to bring the LINK View to market with JBL and are committed to deliver a helpful, visual Google Assistant experience". The addition of Google Assistant with Insteon product helps customers to manage lighting inside their home or office irrespective of the device. The Lenovo Smart Display also has a camera, which has a physical lens cover, to be used for intercom communication, video feeds facilitated through Nest, or likely other Wi-Fi cameras, and even video calls carried out through Google Duo integration.

The LG ThinQ WK9 is most likely powered by Qualcomm's SD624 Home Hub Platform, as seen in Lenovo's and JBL's variants and we can expect it to be an industry standard of sorts until better hardware is released.

Are you excited about the new LG Smart Display?



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