Let's help OR learn how to pump gas, Tennessee

A nozzle pumps gas into a vehicle as Tofail Ahmed collects payment after pumping gas for a motorist at a BP gas station Thursday

The new year has brought new laws to the state of OR, and now residents of the Beaver State are allowed to pump their own gas, at least in some counties. OR and New Jersey are, infamously, the only states mandating by law that gas stations employ people to pump fuel.

Case in point: KTVL CBS 10 News in Medford, Ore., posted this Facebook poll on December 29, asking followers if OR should allow self-serve gas stations statewide.

Beginning Monday, Oregonians in certain parts of the state have been allowed to pump their own gas.

"I say No too many creeper out there An it will take a lot of jobs away they need their jobs and I don't feel safe out there ethier!" "Grrr", one woman wrote on Facebook.

"FEAR NOT OREGON! I've made a decision to move to Oregon to open a school to teach people how to pump their own gas", one man joked.

"So if I move to OR, do I put "experienced gas pumper, 17 years" on my resume?" commented Case C. Capehart on Twitter.

The other responses at the local news station's Facebook page are hilarious.

OR mandated full service in 1951 to prevent drivers from blowing things up, and stayed that way because it kept filling attendants in jobs, despite the slightly higher cost of fuel in the state.

Shelby Perkins, a cashier at a gas station in Prineville, said that she isn't sure her regular customers know how to operate pumps. "On the skills spectrum, pumping gas is closer to "urinating by yourself" than it is to 'properly eating a lobster, ' or 'building a model rocket, '" writes Jason Torchinsky at Jalopnik. If that's not one of your personal life experiences I'm perfectly willing to accept the premise, but have you ever seen your gas station attendant do it?

While the law will require everyday citizens to pump their own gas, the Americans With Disabilities Act ensures gas stations provide assistance for the elderly and disabled. It turns out that some people REALLY liked having someone else pump their gas and they're REALLY mad about potentially having to do it for themselves.

"We are going to take advantage of it", he said.

Added Deerick Smith on Twitter: "To all the OR natives, I will be teaching how to pump gas tomorrow via Skype".

Many stations in OR said they plan to keep an attendant on standby.

The new law is causing concern for some drivers in OR for a variety of reasons.

The change probably would have drawn little attention outside OR if not for a TV station in the state that asked viewers for their opinion of the change on Facebook.

People across the USA are getting in on the fun, too. If most of the country has learned to pump its own gas, why do some OR residents continue to advocate for station attendants?



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