Khloe Kardashian to give birth in Cleveland

Blac Chyna Claims The Kardashians Have An 'Unwritten Rule' That Almost Ruined Her

Blac Chyna got suited up in cheetah print trousers to go out last night in Hollywood, and she's been relatively out of the spotlight since things with Rob Kardashian calmed down.

Though Khloe was by the side of her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West when they had their children, Tristan is believed to have urged her not to let her own family in the delivery room, and she's agreed.

But Kim doesn't stop on her Rob rant train there - she also admits that she had a massive go at him on their family group chat, saying to Khloé, "Did you see how I just like went off on Rob in our group text?" 'But then he had to leave the country and I took a pregnancy test.

To which Khloe, 33, replied: "Listen".

Chyna and Rob may not be getting back together any time soon or possibly ever, but she is still dealing with the Kardashians. "The negative is all of this other shit right now".

She said: "The negative is just that, like, with Rob having sisters, he should just know better. He should have just controlled himself".

However, Khloé, who's been known to come to Rob's defense over the years, refused to go too hard on her brother.

Calling Chyna out for her role in their messy split, Khloé dished, "But it just sucks, like he's made out to this bad guy when she's tauniting him". While this is just a whole messy situation, we're still hoping Rob and Chyna can move past this and, at the very least, keep things civil for baby Dream. They get to see all the stuff I was going through without them knowing, ' she said. You think anyone's proud of that? "You don't f*ck with someone's heart and emotions".



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