Jessica Chastain Starts Women's March in 'SNL' Opening Segment

Jessica Chastain Starts Women's March in 'SNL' Opening Segment

Saturday Night Live took an unusual turn this weekend when actors broke the fourth wall during a gameshow sketch that posed the question: "What even matters anymore?".

Saturday Night Live has been giving us some great sketches but really, I can not wait to see Jessica host!

"I'm sorry guys, it just seems like nothing matters anymore", Chastain - not "Veronica" - says. "That has to matter, yes".

As answers continued to be that no, it would not matter, Chastain's character went off the rails, shouting "fake news" and chugging alcohol. "Zero consequences and everyone just moves on". Does it matter that President Donald Trump reportedly had an affair with a former porn star and paid her "to shut up" about it?

Host Jessica Chastain emcees a game show where contestants have to guess what the president would have to face some kind of backlash, from past events to future hypotheticals.

Chastain even covers the hypothetical scenario in which Trump fires Robert Mueller.

The actors try to console Chastain - though, as has been the case with most of us watching in horror as Trump keeps doing awful things with no repercussions - it's unsuccessful.

"Veronica" gets increasingly upset, leading to a final round where the contestants write down what they think would actually matter. Eventually, Cecily Strong and Kate McKinnon joined her on stage, forming what should be the next girl group, to belt out "You Don't Own Me", the Leslie Gore classic and karaoke standard.

"It's Veronica Elders!" Chastain replies.

With Women's Marches taking place across the country, Jessica Chastain made a decision to bring some of that spirit of sisterhood and desire for change to her first time hosting SNL.

"Jessica, you don't have to do this", McKinnon says.



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