James Gunn Offers $100K to Charity if Donald Trump Gets Weighed Again

James Gunn Offers $100K to Charity if Donald Trump Gets Weighed Again

After Trump's first physical, director James Gunn attacked the credibility of results and offered to donate $100k to a charity of Trump's choice if he got on a more "accurate scale".

"President Trump was listed at 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 108 kgs (239 pounds) in the test report by White House doctor, Navy Rear Admiral Dr Ronny Jackson".

- Both The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn gave their thoughts on the recent revelation that President Donald Trump weighs 239 pounds and was 6'3.

Gunn then tweeted a photo of Major League Baseball star Albert Pujols alongside Trump, comparing their heights and weights as listed in Trump's physical exam results.

Referring to Trump's involvement in the "birther" conspiracy, which questioned whether Barack Obama was born in the US, Gunn - along with other anti-Trump tweeters - created the hashtag #Girther to investigate the claims. The test stated that Trump has "no cognitive or mental issues whatsoever", adding that the president's "overall health is excellent".

Some even demanded to see Trump's #GirthCertificate.

Gunn tweeted that he would give six figures to Trump's favorite charity if the president would step on a scale under more transparent circumstances.

Gunn's bounty echoed Trump's 2012 offer of $5 million to charity if Obama would release his college transcripts.

Mr. Gunn said his goal was not to fat shame the president, but to shine a light on his "pattern" of dishonesty.

Below are some more reactions to the president's weight mentioned in the physical exam.



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