Israel Targets "Terror Infrastructure" In Gaza: Army

Israel Targets

The tunnel was reported to be 1.5 km long (about one mile), and going down 80 meters (260 feet), underneath the Kerem Shalom border that crossed into Israel and then flowed into Egypt. Conricus also said that the tunnel could have also been utilized for the goal of transferring terrorists from Gaza to Egypt, from where the targets could have been killed.

Such tunnels have been used to carry out attacks in the past.

Once a rare move, it will be the second time Kerem Shalom is punitively closed in under a month, as Israel seeks to force the ruling Hamas terrorist group to return quiet to the Gaza Strip.

Conricus said the tunnel destroyed Saturday was dug by key operatives of Hamas and was 1.5 km long, penetrating 180 km under the Kerem Shalom border crossing into Israel and into Egypt.

Violent riots raged in the Gaza Strip and across the West Bank as parts remain under military lock down following the shooting of a settler in the Nablus area last week, the Israel Defense Forces reported Friday. The IDF said it also extended into Egyptian territory. It was completely destroyed by the strike.

'It could also have served to transfer terrorists from the Gaza strip into Egypt in order to attack Israeli targets from Egypt'.

In its earlier statement, the army added, "The Hamas terror organization is accountable for all activity in and from the Gaza strip". "Hamas needs to understand that we will not allow these offensives, and that we will respond with even greater might".

Israel has been constructing a sensor-equipped underground wall along the 60-km Gaza border, aiming to complete the $1.1 billion project by mid-2019.

Conricus said as the tunnel entered Egyptian territory; the army was in contact with Cairo about its destruction but would not elaborate on the extent of the cooperation.

On Saturday night the IDF announced it would be closing the Kerem Shalom crossing after an assessment of the current security situation, but did not provide further details.

Unrest has included rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, with Israel's military responding with air strikes. Erez reopened a day later, and Kerem Shalom was reopened on December 17.



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