Iran, Russia concerned over United States attempt to build army with YPG terrorists

Iran, Russia concerned over United States attempt to build army with YPG terrorists

Hariri, speaking in English, told Reuters in London.

The map of Syria's conflict has been decisively redrawn in favour of Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies during the past two years.

Hariri represents the Saudi-backed umbrella group of Syrian opposition groups which are opposed to Assad and supported by the West.

"Today, there is a strong will on both sides to expand bilateral relations between Iran and Qatar", Rouhani said, urging the officials of both states to spare no effort in deepening Tehran-Doha ties in all fields.

Burt said the United Kingdom backs the UN-mediated Geneva process.

"We commend the constructive engagement by [Nasr al-Hariri] and the Syrian opposition in the latest round of Geneva talks and call on the Syrian regime to likewise engage constructively and agree to direct talks", he added.

The U.S. move to establish a 30,000-strong boarder force from the PKK terrorist group's Syrian affiliate Democratic Union Party's (PYD) armed People's Protection Units (YPG) has caused concern over both Iran and Russian Federation.

"What are the benefits of establishing such an army?" he asked.

Concerning US plots against the region as a whole and specifically against his country, Sabbagh said that Syria has never agreed to US presence in Syria and that it has officially asked the US forces to leave the country. "It will open the door wide for a future struggle in the region".

The force would operate along the borders with Turkey and Iraq, as well as within Syria along the Euphrates river, which separates most SDF territory from that held by the government. He said the opposition had not yet received an invite though no final decision on attendance had been made.

Highlighting the importance of continuing the fight against terrorism and foreign interference in Syria, he said, "We must work towards facilitating the return of the Syrian refugees to their homeland as soon as possible and begin the reconstruction process in this country. My personal view is that in its current shape, it is unacceptable to attend Sochi".



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