Here Are The Proposed Laws That Could Protect Legal Pot in 2018

Medical and recreational sales must take place from separate points-of-sale in Colorado dispensaries

The bipartisan letter, signed by attorneys general from states including California, New York, Iowa and Alaska, comes less than two weeks after the Trump administration announced plans to again give federal prosecutors room to enforce marijuana laws. Guam's Attorney General is joining a coalition of 18 other AGs in urging Congress to authorize access to banking services for cannabis businesses. There is a Congressional Cannabis Caucus whose members are from the states that have legalized recreational use and Representative Thomas Garrett, from Virginia, has introduced H.R. 1227 (Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act) removing pot from other Schedule 1 drugs and eliminating federal penalties for engaging in state-legal marijuana activities.

"The federal government needs to bring its practices in line with states that have seen fit to legalize marijuana, encouraging those businesses to use established banking institutions and to protect those financial institutions from federal sanction", Mills said in a written statement about the group letter.

In the most recent statement, Williams suggests that Oregon's cannabis industry faces a series of existential problems from oversupply to concerns around public health and safety that may require additional law enforcement action, ("U.S. Attorney: A call for transparency and action on marijuana", January 12).

Spitting in the face of this boom for the USA economy, Attorney General Jeff Sessions kicked off the new year by rescinding Obama-era policies that discouraged the federal government from interfering with how states enforce marijuana laws. "First, I think I have different view because I served in the state legislature and I voted for the medical marijuana bill", Evans told, " Second, I have long believed [marijuana] should be decriminalized because that is what Mayor Jim Kenney did in the city of Philadelphia, particularity because we were targeting African American males [for arrests].

That money should be tracked by banking regulators, law enforcement and tax officers, the state attorneys general argue. "Yet those revenues often exist outside of the regulated banking space".

The situation creates all sorts of headaches for customers and businesses alike and means many transactions are cash-only. The state Department of Public Health already uses the firm's software to manage the licensing of medical marijuana dispensaries. The state does not compile caregiver sales tax data in a single category.

Nevadans in the 2016 election approved Ballot Question 2 to allow adults age 21 and over to possess and consume up to an ounce of marijuana flower or up to one-eighth an ounce of the THC equivalent of edibles and concentrates, such as shatter, wax and carbon dioxide oil.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said the state Department of Justice would "continue to make sure Oregon's marijuana industry thrives under our carefully considered state regulatory requirements".

Marijuana users who are also strong gun-rights supporters were simultaneously up in arms and puzzled.

Where we differ is that we believe Oregon's legalized cannabis program is a success, even when it is not ideal.

She said the change in policy was made "through a collaboration between the governor's office and agencies to address patient concerns".