Google May Revamp Online Store To Focus On Google Assistant

Google will have a stand-alone booth at the event for the first time in a long time. Alex Wong  Getty Images

Google traded more than 1 Home smart device each second ever since it began exporting in October past year, taking the numbers of sales to more than 6 Million, the firm has declared this week.

It seems like Google has a great chance to show they're better than Amazon, even if they lost their start and are a little left behind. It received positive brand exposure for its "Hey Google" messaging, which is the voice-activation prompt for Google Home smart speakers and other devices. So far all the demonstrations only include Google apps like Duo, Maps, Music, Photos and YouTube - now MIA on Amazon's Echo Show - so we'll be watching carefully to see how the device's capabilities expand as developers dig into Android Things, which leans on existing tools to create new apps for these devices.

Google also set up a couple of giant gumball machines where CES attendees could ask the Google Assistant spoken questions and win prizes ranging from "Hey Google" winter caps and tote bags to Google Nest security cameras and Google Home Mini smart speakers. However, she trusts Google with her E-mail and location, on Google Maps. At CES 2018, LG announced several products that feature Google Assistant, though the company's fridges feature Amazon Alexa integration. With Alexa and Amazon, things would be different.

It's just fantastic how lots of people are coming to this event year after year and they're all excited to show stuff and find out stuff and they leave with much fun and facts learned from this event, even if a lot of those things are weird and majority show devices, it's actually great for everyone.



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