FoxNext Games, Cold Iron Studios Working on new Alien Game

FoxNet Acquires Cold Iron Studios New'Alien Online Shooter in Development

Entertainment giant Fox has ramped up its video games strategy further with the acquisition of a studio run by industry veterans - and this is only the beginning.

"Cold Iron adds a whole dimension of game development and play to our arsenal: long play-session MMOs targeted to PC and console gamers". Unfortunately, all Sega's Alien games, even Isolation, were sales disappointments, so it's not surprising Fox has made a decision to move development in house.

20th Century Fox's video game and theme park division - has announced that it has acquired developer Cold Iron Studios from publisher Perfect World Entertainment to create a new shooter based upon the Alien cinematic universe. There was no mention on whether or not "consoles" includes the Nintendo Switch.

Funnily enough, FoxNext Games are now working on Marvel Strike Force, a free-to-play mobile RPG slated for release sometime this year. "FoxNext Games seeks to make games as important a part of Fox's business as movies and television", he said.

Another one for the big list of upcoming PC games.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Alien: Isolation were both products of FoxNext.

"We believe in FoxNext's vision and we are thrilled about the opportunity to explore an incredible and rich universe", said Cold Iron CEO Craig Zinkievich. We don't know much about the new game, other than the "shooter" designation, but given the former Cryptic Studios devs working on the game, a heavy online element seems likely.

Sega held the publishing rights to the Alien franchise for years, producing a mixed bag of games. The mobile free-to-play title is a squad-based role-playing game featuring the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe. However, it has since gathered talent from the teams behind Borderlands, BioShock Infinite, Doom and Metroid Prime 3, arming it with the skills necessary to deliver a solid shooter.

"It's Aliens! We're all excited to be working on such a storied franchise".



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