Fortnite Gets a Battle Royale Map Update with New Areas and Tidbits


A new update to Fortnite is on the way, and this one primarily deals with the game's sole Battle Royale map.

With the end of the holiday event, the Christmas trees and associated treasures will also naturally be disappearing, and the team hopes the new treasure chests that will be populating the map alongside the new points of interest will help to fill out the loot drops in a more even way.

As lead systems engineer Eric Williams explains in a new video posted on the game's YouTube channel, seen below, the biggest attraction of the new map will be a whole new city area for players to explore. The primary highlight is the added city section, but there are also a number of new named areas located around the western part of the map. The swamp feel "swampier", mountains feel "more mountainous", etc.

Williamson also shared that certain areas of the map are about to become more clearly defined once the new update is applied. This happens due to the fact that they were only meant to be added as event loot and will probably be unnecessary either way since with the new update you'll have various other chest spots.

The NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights feature is accessible to those PC players who own a GeForce GTX 650 graphics card or something more advanced.

In the four months since its surprise release, the Battle Royale mode for Fortnite has seen its popularity rise immensely, with a player count of over 30 million as of last month.



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