Facebook selfie helps Canadian Police to crack a murder case

How a selfie taken minutes before the death solved a murder mystery

Two years after the murder of 18-year-old girl Brittney Gargol, a 21-year-old woman, Cheyenne Rose Antonie, has been convicted of killing her friend after the murder weapon was discovered in a picture of the pair on social media.

A photo shared on Facebook contained a crucial piece of evidence that led to a manslaughter plea almost three years after the death of Saskatoon teenager Brittney Gargol.

Antoine was sentenced to seven years in jail on Monday.

Gargol was strangled to death and she was found "unresponsive" by the side of a road, said CBC News.

Before Antoine was condemned, Gargol's close relative gave a casualty affect explanation to the court.

Investigators arrested Antoine a year ago after finding the selfie showing her wearing the same belt used to kill her friend.

At one point, Antoine called the police to confirm she was with Gargol that night.

More information was gleaned from other Facebook posts that helped establish a timeline for the night.

The night of Gargol's death, Antoine posted a lengthy Facebook message inquiring on her whereabouts, which police believe was one of several bids to shake authorities, according to the Phoenix. She said they had got drunk which ends up in a heated argument.

Antoine also claimed that the pair had dined at the Colonial Pub and Grill, but surveillance video did not substantiate her claims that the two were ever there that day.

After sentencing Antoine, Judge Marilyn Gray told her, "Honor your friend by becoming a positive member of the community. It's wrong and shouldn't of happened", Antoine said in a statement read by her lawyer. She pled guilty on Monday to manslaughter.

"My client had some very deep-seeded personal issues that she was not dealing with and unfortunately, for whatever reason, we'll never know, they turned into a very tragic situation for all involved", Watson said.

In court, Antoine apologized for her actions.

"Nothing I say or do will ever bring her back", the statement said.



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