Fable 4 Is on Its Way With Playground Games at the Helm

Fable 4 Is on Its Way With Playground Games at the Helm

Fable franchise owner Microsoft has tasked United Kingdom developer Playground, which makes the Forza Horizon racing games for Xbox and PC, with creating this new Fable, sources close to the project have told Eurogamer.

Don't expect to play this new Fable any time soon, however.

The title which is still being rumored to be under development is said to be a story driven RPG game.

Obviously there's no official word on a new Fable game yet, with Microsoft issuing a statement to EG saying that it does not comment on rumour or speculation, so digest this with a healthy dose of salt for the time being just to be safe.

This follows Microsoft shutting down franchise creator Lionhead back in 2016, and ending development on Fable Legends.

Ex-Lionhead staff Eurogamer spoke with said they were excited to see Playground bring Fable back from the dead, but this excitement is tempered somewhat by a sadness that Lionhead was never given the chance to make its dream Fable 4.

Fable franchise is a worthy addition to the console and if it is on par with Horizon Zero Dawn, it might be the exclusive that Xbox One gamers are looking forward to own. The game is being made by Forza Horizon 3 studio Playground.

Fable co-creator Simon Carter told Eurogamer that the news left him with "mixed" feelings.

Coming nearly two years after the closure of Lionhead Studios, it has emerged in a new report that Microsoft is looking to bring back the Fable series via a major new open-world single-player adventure.

Again, while sources state that Fable 4 is indeed in the pipeline at Playground Games, there's still no official confirmation or any other details as yet.

Although Microsoft has yet to officially announce that a new Fable game is in the works, more and more sources are coming out to confirm there is in fact one in development.

Horizon, of course, being a new IP that did relatively well for Sony, so Microsoft must have seen an opportunity to create a similar game for Xbox (character-drive, open-world) and the Fable IP was likely a top candidate.

He doesn't doubt, however, that the team at Playground is "very talented" and will do a "fantastic job".



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