Doctors say deadly flu season hasn't peaked yet

Four in 10 flu patients in the study aerosolised the virus by breathing

Dr. Henry Taylor, Carroll County's deputy health officer, said this is the first year out of the last 13 where flu is widespread everywhere.

This week, there were 105 people hospitalized for flu and related pneumonia in ME, up from 53 people the previous week. She says the flu vaccine is less protective than hoped for this year, because it only protects against certain strains and often mutations occur, but that doesn't mean you should not get a flu shot.

For weeks we've been hearing hospitals and doctors offices telling people not to come in unless their symptoms are serious.

At least 1,606 New Yorkers have contracted the flu, the highest weekly number since health department reporting began in 2004.

Dr. Tae Jung, a doctor based in Calcutta, said Friday the rising increases in the flu virus and its widespread travel are causes for concern, and something the community should take seriously this year.

Health officials said one strain, Influenza A H3N2, is why flu season is more severe this year.

Throughout the United States, about 12 million people have been affected by the flu this season.

The ODH reported vaccine effectiveness against the H3N2 viruses have been around 30 percent, while influenza B viruses is around 50 percent. If it's any comfort, however, these stats don't compare with last season, when 110 flu-related deaths were recorded. "Everyone is at risk of getting influenza and the best way to protect themselves is by getting the flu shot and making sure that they themselves are protected and their loved ones are also protected", Mosli said.

"It's not going to guarantee you not getting sick, but it is absolutely better than the alternative" Patronis said.

Brenda Lokken, Director of Infection Control, says Trinity Homes is experiencing an outbreak of influenza as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for long-term care facilities. Those who have a higher risk of contracting the flu are children younger than five, and especially children younger than two years old, pregnant women, adults 65 years of age and older, American Indians and Alaskan natives.

"Of course get your flu shot". Most of us know someone who's had it, and no one wants to be next.



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