Do these leaked pics show Microsoft's new Xbox Elite controller?

Do these leaked pics show Microsoft's new Xbox Elite controller?

Microsoft is hard at work on a new Xbox Elite Controller, according to several reports.

Other new features will reportedly include a three-profile switch, three-level Hair Trigger Locks, a longer key travel for those interchangeable paddles, plus Windows 10 Bluetooth support. Images posted on social media also suggest that the new controller will have adjustable locks for thumbsticks, improved grip sections, and three LED lights too.

The new pad has - finally - a USB-C port for charging. The new Elite Controller also has an adjustable stick tension mechanism. These features do seem to line up with a patent that Microsoft filed in December, lending some credibility to the leak.

Details first appeared on the Chinese website Baidu, which provided a few pictures of the alleged controller that can be seen below. This time around, the photo shows the entire controller and gives a bit more info on a new feature.

When Microsoft unveiled the first Xbox One Elite Controller in 2015, many fans and critics called it the best controller ever. The photo appears to show that the new controller will have a new design for its grips. A source familiar with Microsoft's plans confirmed to The Verge that the photo shared on Reddit is authentic.

While Microsoft is yet to confirm the existence of a revised Xbox Elite Controller, we won't be surprised to see it revealed at or before E3 2018.

While the Xbox Elite controller on the market right now offers a premium gaming experience-as it should at its price tag of $149.99-many who bought it complained about faulty bumpers that would constantly pop out or break entirely.

Microsoft hasn't had anything official to say about the controller, but it's possible that it could be announcing the Elite 2.0 at this year's pre-E3 press conference.



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