Democrats Say No Dreamer Solution After Kelly Meeting

WASHINGTON DC- JANUARY 18 Rep. Mark Meadows, chair of the House Freedom Caucus participates in a tv interview at the U.S. Capitol

"He doesn't sugar coat things". Michael Bennet of Colorado and Robert Menendez of New Jersey - laid out their proposal to the president at the White House Wednesday.

At the same time, it suggested that Kelly, who served as secretary of homeland security before coming to the White House and has hard-line views on immigration that mirror the president's restrictionist approach, was positioning himself now as a moderating influence.

But such moves don't change the fact that the administration, with Kelly's full support, will continue to aggressively enforce immigration laws, according to a senior government official. "If they had minor children, their minor children would come in".

And he noted that roughly 800 miles of wall are needed, which would cost about $20 billion. "This was a deal that was unacceptable from the moment they started reading the provisions of the deal", Trump said.

Emerging from lawmakers' meeting with Kelly, Sen.

"He has, uh, changed the way he has looked at a number of things", Kelly said Wednesday. And the White House has publicly downplayed Kelly's role in orchestrating last Thursday's meeting, which devolved into Trump deriding some countries as "shitholes" or "shithouses", depending on the telling. "He has evolved in the way he's looked at things".

Durbin and Graham - who constructed the bill along with GOP Sens. Dick Durbin didn't meet Trump's criteria.

Kelly all but confirmed the report during an appearance on Fox News later Wednesday.

"It did not include all of the senators that had been involved in the discussions about DACA, and certainly did not involve the House", he said. Kelly made a joke about having done so as well and it was positive, the source said. Luis Gutierrez, a Democratic congressman, said the caucus' meeting with Kelly was positive but he offered no solution to the immigration standoff.

"They just care about scoring political points, and we've got to not let them do that", she said.

Kelly didn't apologize or discuss it further but took it in, and later in the meeting acknowledged the term is disputed when discussing the issue.

Kelly, who previously served as homeland security secretary and commander of US military forces in Latin America, claimed he has helped President Trump "evolve on issues of the wall".

The comments were an unusual instance of a White House chief of staff seeming to undercut public statements made by the president, in the process contradicting the central message of "Build the wall" that defined Trump's presidential campaign.

"It's the opposite of what I campaigned for", Trump said.

His mandate entering the West Wing was to instill order among warring factions of aides and streamline the flow of information to the President. But he's also described the chief of staff role as immensely rewarding. "There's no track record to be able to trust the White House on immigration". "It's really hard", Kelly continued, adding that there will be no wall "that Mexico will pay for", attendees said. I ordered that. I managed that.

Kelly spent much of Wednesday meeting with key congressional leaders on Capitol Hill.

It was also unclear whether members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus would back the plan.



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