Dark Souls Remastered upgraded for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, PC

As part of this Nintendo Direct, Dark Souls Remastered will be revealed, updating the original game to be playable portably for the first time.

"Dark Souls Remastered" will be arriving on the Switch on May 25, which is the same date as the release for the Xbox One, PS4, and the Microsoft Windows versions, and it will feature updated visuals. The Switch version will mark the first time that the title has been available on Nintendo hardware, and its first official portable release - flawless for anyone that is looking for a truly punishing action-RPG to enjoy during their commute.

Dark Souls' re-release is expected to release this May on all platforms. Up to six players can join together online to help, or hurt, each other throughout their quest.

The remaster is a complete rework of the game from the ground up in a new game engine and will be available for PS4, Xbox, PC, and Switch.

One of our sources indicates that Bandai Namco plans to bring all three Dark Soulsgames to Switch eventually, but the oft-rumoured "trilogy" bundle is not how this will be happening - yet. VaatiVidya, who is known for creating SoulsBorne lore videos, took it to Twitter and claimed that the remastered version would use Dark Souls III engine assets, HDR lightning, and a few other enhancements for PS4 Pro version.



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