Could Cole Trade Open Door for Giants to Grab McCutchen?

Could Cole Trade Open Door for Giants to Grab McCutchen?

It's unclear if the Pirates have lowered their demands, but they generally were viewed as getting a subpar package for Cole, so it's possible they've simply reached deal-making mode. He hit.291 with 203 home runs and 725 RBIs over nine seasons with the Pirates. From 2011-2015 he was one of the premier players in the National League.

After acquiring third baseman Evan Longoria in December in a cash-neutral deal that could easily be considered a fleecing, Evans turned in another A-rated trade on Monday in landing McCutchen.

It is not immediately clear what Pittsburgh will receive in exchange for McCutchen, a five-time All-Star outfielder who helped revitalize the Pirates franchise and led the club to three consecutive postseason appearances from 2013 to '15.

Andrew McCutchen is a member of the San Francisco Giants, which is the only logical move in my opinion.

He is now 31 years old, and a change of scenery may do some good for him. The Pirates briefly moved him to right field due to his declining defense, then moved him back to center when Starling Marte was suspended last season. Unlike Longoria, McCutchen has just one season remaining before he's eligible for free agency.

Whenever a marquee free agent signs in the offseason, people around the league talk about the floodgates opening for other deals.

Rather than watch McCutchen leave at the end of the year and receive nothing in return, the Pirates got back some pieces that can strengthen their farm system. As constructed, this is maybe a 70 or so win team - and that's not where you want to be as a franchise.

The Pirates, who have already sold off Gerrit Cole to the Astros, seem to be looking at major sell mode.



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