Chicken chompin' Canadians can buy KFC bargain buckets with crypto

KFC Canada offered BTC-themed chicken in Bitcoin Bucket

A professed failure to understand Bitcoin has not deterred KFC Canada from accepting the cryptocurrency as payment for a bucket of fried chicken.

In a blog post, the famous fried chicken vendor writes: "Despite the ups and downs of Bitcoin, the Colonel's Original Recipe is as good as always".

"A lot of you want to buy in Bitcoin, which means we keep selling out".

According to KFC's Canadian website the fast food chain will, for a limited time, offer customers the opportunity to purchase the Bitcoin bucket. These companies allow their online products to be bought with Bitcoin, amongst them, Microsoft, Wikipedia, and Reddit are popular.

The artery-clogging Bitcoin Bucket "Includes 10 Original Recipe Tenders, Waffle Fries, Med Side, Med Gravy and 2 Dips", at a cost of however many Bitcoin equates to CA$20.

KFC Canada doesn't seem to be holding back with the tongue-in-cheek presentation, particularly through its social channels.

The move is promising to those in support of the cryptocurrency as it suggests big-chains might be warming to the idea of accepting the digital currency as a payment method for certain products/menu items. The meal could only be ordered online for delivery, and payment was accepted through the Bitcoin payment processor Bitpay.

"If Satoshi reveals his true identity, his bucket is on us".

KFC Canada's page for the promotion helpfully includes live updates of that sum in Bitcoin.

With this publicity stunt, KFC now joins a fast-growing list of companies to hop on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.



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