Chick-Fil-A allegedly told Breastfeeding mom to 'cover or leave'

Chick-Fil-A allegedly told Breastfeeding mom to 'cover or leave'

North Dakota mom Macy Hornung was so angry about what happened to her at the new Chick-fil-A in Fargo over the weekend that she took her beef to Facebook. She said while she was there she had to breastfeed her daughter but was asked to cover-up or leave by the owner.

Hornung told Flamm that she was baring her breast because her daughter wouldn't tolerate being covered while breastfeeding. She said that only a small area of the upper portion of her breast was visible, comparable to what could be seen when she wasn't feeding.

Hornung said she tried to explain that her daughter doesn't like to have her head covered and would flail and scream if she did that.

"I said they could practice the simple art of looking away and tried to cite North Dakota breastfeeding laws".

Ziggy won't nurse with a cover, so Macy packed up her things and left with her husband Casey. "I was anxious about her, and how she was feeling".

After Hornung shared her experience on social media, the post went viral; more than 1,200 people have shared it by Tuesday afternoon.

Valley News Live reached out to Chick-Fil-A management.

Hundreds commented on Hornung's post, saying they respect her for standing up for her beliefs. It quickly made the rounds in mommy circles, inciting anger and ill will toward Chick-fil-A. "And I sincerely apologize for the way I handled this situation". Cathy said in 2014 that he regretted making those comments. I ask for your forgiveness on this matter as I learn from it. Per North Dakota law, that's totally cool, but the location was in its soft-opening, and owner Kimberly Flamm was (by her own assessment) especially keen on providing "a warm and welcoming environment for all of my guests".



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