Chelsea Manning 'files to run for Senate in Maryland'

The revelations by Manning exposed covered-up misdeeds and possible crimes by US troops and allies her actions made her a hero to anti-war and anti-secrecy activists but US establishment figures branded her a traitor

A federal election filing, made on Thursday, confirmed Manning's intention to run in the November elections as a Democrat. She is running as a Democrat.

Manning, an Oklahoma native, had previously lived in Montgomery County before enlisting in the Army and eventually facing a court-martial for leaking classified information.

She has been lauded as a whistleblower by some and condemned as a traitor by others for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified government documents to WikiLeaks in 2010 while still known as Pte.

Manning came out publicly as transgender in 2013, shortly after being convicted on 20 charges including violations of the Espionage Act, theft and computer fraud.

In his announcement, Obama said that Manning's sentence was "unbalanced" to those looked by different informants. Cardin is Maryland's senior USA senator.

When the military denied Manning's request for hormones, Manning tried to commit suicide twice. While people took time to recognize the achievements of law enforcement this past Tuesday, Manning took to Twitter to slam law enforcement.

Manning continued with a number of tweets attacking law enforcement with a number of unverified statistics.

Last September, Manning was denied entrance into Canada due to a criminal record.



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