California man confesses to 1993 killing in TV interview

All three suspects were taken to jail by the Shasta County Sheriff's Office. They face charges of burglary and robbery

McAlister's family reported him missing at the time, but his remains weren't found until the next year by a hiker. Then someone walked into a television news station Tuesday and confessed. "It was murder", Hawkins, of Shingletown, told KRCR reporter Courtney Kreider.

According to KRCR, Brian Keith Hawkins, 44, turned himself in to the Shasta County Sheriff's Department after an emotional interview with the TV station.

In an interview with KRCR, 44-year-old Brian Hawkins said he and two others were responsible for the 1993 murder of 19-year-old Frank Wesley McAlister.

Shanna Culver, who was 16 at the time of the killing, told police this week that the four were in the auto, but that McAlister dropped her, her brother and Hawkins off near a Redding park - similar to the story police said the trio had told before.

Hawkins and Curtis Culver are being held on $1 million bail, while the other Culver sibling is being held without bail.

"God, Christ - these things that have happened throughout my whole life since then, for over 25 years, have pushed me and pushed me to do the right thing", Hawkins said.

They then robbed McAlister and stabbed him to death, leaving his body at the scene of the crime and dumping his vehicle in a Costco parking lot.

In 1997, a man named Michael Vielbig, who was the suspect in the high profile murder of a woman named Christine Munro, made a similar confession but investigators could not find a connection. "I know the wrong can't be changed but this is the closest I can come to doing the right thing".

According to investigators, one of the Culver siblings confessed to their part in the crime, though they declined to say which one.

During the interview with the TV station, Hawkins shed tears and appeared shaken. He told them that the trio initially wanted to rob the young man.

"Horrible, horrible, horrible, absolute horror, absolutely horrible since that day".

"What I believed happened was they said you say this we're going to let your sister go and he would do anything to save his sister", said Marcia Keel, the mother of Shanna and Curtis Culver. "By the time I got there, his father had passed away", a remorseful Hawkins told the news channel.

Police said Hawkins and Curtis "stabbed the victim to death and left his body in the woods".

Redding Police Captain Eric Wallace said multiple investigators took on the case over the years, trying multiple leads-with little to show for all their work. Hawkins' confession is believed to be the biggest break in the case since.



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