Bill Murray makes surprise 'SNL' appearance as Steve Bannon

Bill Murray makes surprise 'SNL' appearance as Steve Bannon

Murray's Bannon also shares his future plans now that he's left Breitbart, which include a new show for Crackle called "Cucks in Cars Getting Coffee", creating "wrinkled barn jackets called Frumpers for guys", and a future skin care line called "Blotch".

The full cold open can be watched on the SNL app and soon on the Youtube channel of SNL.

In the past, a cast member didn't play Bannon, instead having the political figure played by a grim reaper character with a skull face mask.

"The Bannon magic is still out there", Murray as Bannon said. Magic. Magic. The king maker!

Later in the skit, they interview Fire and Fury: Inside the White House author Michael Wolff, played by Fred Aremstein, to ask him questions about the book's truths and inaccuracies. "The Bannon dynasty is dawning".

"Well, I certainly didn't say he cracked like an egg on TV", Bannon said.

When asked if that was true, Armisen's Wolff replied, "Yeah". "No one gets the Bannon fired", Murray's Bannon claimed. "He's back. He's electable".

As if that wasn't enough, Leslie Jones popped up next as Oprah Winfrey to discuss her presidential campaign.

Armisen as Wolff regaled the pair with tales of "baby races" in the White House in which President Donald Trump gets two babies of different races and makes them compete for a bowl of cheddar goldfish.

"I'm a celebrity so I'm qualified", said Jones as Winfrey before adding that there's only one job in the world more powerful than president and that's being Oprah.

Then Murray, Armisen and the rest of the cast opened the show with its traditional catch phrase, "Live".

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