Baker Mayfield reveals the place he'd like to play, or vacation

Baker Mayfield reveals the place he'd like to play, or vacation

Kenny Stills is live on Instagram.

Add Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield to the list of folks who want to live and work in South Florida.

Baker Mayfield knows he's going to be playing in the National Football League this year, the only question is for what team?

Baker Mayfield's storied career at Oklahoma ended on a sour note after the team lost 54-48 in the Rose Bowl to the Georgia Bulldogs a little less than three weeks ago.

Stills, as you may know, is a fellow former Sooner and the Dolphins are possibly in the market for a quarterback this offseason.

Miami holds the 11th overall pick and will likely consider adding a quarterback of the future.

If the Broncos were to sign Kirk Cousins in free agency, and had no need for Mayfield, what if they struck up a trade with the Dolphins and old pal Adam Gase, getting Miami's first round pick in 2018 and 2019 among other assets?

Mayfield is expected to be a first round pick in this spring's NFL Draft and the Dolphins could actually be a possible landing spot.

Odds are, the Heisman Trophy and Manning Award-winning gunslinger will be there for the taking when the Dolphins are on the clock. Ryan Tannehill missed the entire season after aggravating a knee injury in the preseason.

One thing the Dolphins do have are some attractive targets for Mayfield to throw the ball to.



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