Amazon's cashier-free grocery store finally opens to the public tomorrow

Amazon Go Futuristic Cashierless Grocery Store Opens To Public On Monday

The payments will be processed automatically via an app, meaning you could just walk in, grab your stuff, and walk out without opening your wallet. When first entering the store, you scan your smartphone (your unique QR code is generation by the complementary app) to alert your presence to the sensor-laden store. If anyone had been watching without knowing what was going on, it would have looked like I was shoplifting.

What can I buy at Amazon Go?

The store had an nearly 14-month trial run, the Seattle Times reported, and is at last opening its doors at 7 a.m. tomorrow to "anyone with the Amazon Go smartphone app and a linked Amazon account". Much of the store will feel familiar to shoppers, aside from the check-out process.

The system worked flawlessly during GeekWire's very brief hands-on experience this past week.

The company has confirmed that the Amazon Go store attached to its new Seattle headquarters will be open to non-employees on January 22nd, or more than a year later than planned.

It will be fascinating to see what happens, in at least two ways.

Amazon did not discuss if or when it would add more Go locations, and reiterated that it had no plans to add the technology to the larger and more complex Whole Foods stores.

Amazon's bid to automate the convenience store is finally ready for the public.

Second, how will people react to the notion of having their actions tracked inside the store? But to the extent that this concept represents the future of physical retail, where will the average person draw the line on personal privacy in the real world?

Where will the Amazon Go Store in Seattle be Located Exactly?

The system includes both depth cameras and color cameras, and Amazon doesn't hide them, leaving them clearly visible overhead in the rafters of the store. Almost 900,000 of those were in grocery stores.

Surprisingly, some of Amazon's other private labels - like Wickedly Prime - do not have special placement on the shelves. The timings of the newly launched Amazon Go store will be from 7 AM to 9 PM, Monday through Friday.



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