Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain confident Liverpool can still compete, even without Philippe Coutinho

Alan Shearer Liverpool tighter with Van Dijk but futher reinforcements needed

"Liverpool FC can confirm Philippe Coutinho will be leaving the club after a transfer agreement was reached with FC Barcelona, subject to medical and agreement of personal terms", the Premier League club said.

Christopher Davies was a longtime Premier League correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph.

"Always since I'm in here we can have all the monies from transfers and more if needed". The financial reward is vast. So is the risk. If they do not finish in the top four, everyone will point at Coutinho's sale.

The Liverpool boss vowed that the club will "carry on like this" and said that "London is not a bad city" in the case of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who left Arsenal to move to Anfield "for the football".

Liverpool boss says Jurgen Klopp says they will not make insane things happen in the transfer window as they chase a replacement for Philippe Coutinho. 'Philippe Coutinho is a world-class player but if he's not 100 per cent, he's not that worldwide class or Premier League class any more.

'To be able to play, win titles, make the fans happy... always play with joy. I've had this very often. "The only problem is they have world-class players in each of those positions". It could have been very hard if we had done what we could have done and said: "There's your contract and you have to stay here", and used him as a player in the second half of the season.

"The fact is he has gone now and we have to think 'What have we got that is going to get the job done?'". Could he help us still?

"Final decision, if I would have said "no way", the club would have said: 'OK, let's try.' But it was clear there was no chance". He was not ready to do that any more. The club tried everything.

"We made that decision". "That's how the song came about, because you realise that we don't even need Coutinho when we've got Salah".

Much like when Barcelona sold Neymar for €222 million last summer - the most expensive fee in the history of football - everyone is waiting to see what Liverpool do with their new-found war chest.

Attentions now turn to who could replace Coutinho but speaking on Friday ahead of this weekend's meeting with league leaders Manchester City, Klopp insisted the club will not do anything "crazy" this month and called on the rest of his squad to "step up".

Lemar is one of the last remaining young gems to be plucked from Monaco after the mass-exodus last summer and Arsenal have vehemently chased the French worldwide for about a year now.



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