YouTube Is Planning to Launch a Paid Music Streaming Service, Report Says


YouTube plans to introduce a paid music service in March, according to people familiar with the matter, a third attempt by parent company Alphabet catch up with rivals Spotify and Apple Inc.

Tentatively called Remix, the platform has already secured rights from Warner Music Group.

Warner Music Group has reportedly already signed on to the service, while Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and independent label digital rights agency Merlin are now in talks.

Alphabet no doubt wants a part of the growing music streaming market.

That could help the company take on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music - but given that YouTube already has a Music app, as well as a paid subscription service (called YouTube Red), and Google already has a streaming service and music store, it's an odd strategy to start on at this point. YouTube Red was initially launched with a heavy focus on originals, but YouTube been shifting its marketing to put a bigger emphasis on ad-free YouTube viewing and music streaming in recent months.

If the deals go through and the service is launched this should go some way in helping to appease the music industry, with YouTube coming under for years over not stringent enough copyright infringement policing and not paying artists and labels their dues.

YouTube must overcome several hurdles to meet a March target.

At the time, the company was planning to launch the new service later this year. At the moment YouTube is reportedly also in talks with a number of artists. Vevo, owned by Universal and Sony, distributes music videos for their acts.



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