Women Detail Sexual Allegations Against Trump

Women Detail Sexual Allegations Against Trump

President Donald Trump, pushing back against women accusing him of sexual misconduct, insisted Tuesday he's the target of "false accusations and fabricated stories of women who I don't know and/or have never met".

"Hold Mr. Trump to the same standard as Harvey Weinstein and the other men held to account for their reprehensible behavior", said Rachel Crooks, one of the three women who spoke to the media Monday. Their stories are compiled in a widely-shared video by a self-described social justice filmmaker.

"In fact, his staff made a big point of calling us all liars", Leeds said.

In an apparent divergence from the White House line, Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador to the United Nations, said Sunday that any women claiming to be victims of sexual harassment - including those implicating Trump - "should be heard".

After the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape revealing Trump bragging about groping women was released about a month before the 2016 election, Trump faced a barrage of sexual misconduct allegations.

Earlier Monday, four US senators called on Trump to resign over the allegations. "And I think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way, they have every right to speak up", Haley told CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday.

Jessica Leeds, who says she was groped and forcibly kissed by Trump on a commercial flight decades ago, said the president has not been held accountable for "what he is and who he is". 'The environment's different, let's try again'.

Democrats have been quick to jettison several members of their party accused of harassment, including pushing both Sen.

Crooks meanwhile said the endorsement of Moore made "perfect sense for him", saying after the president was elected amid misconduct allegations, he is now "passing the torch" to Moore.

"Americans deserve to learn the truth about the Commander in Chief, which is why I'm leading @HouseDemWomen in calling for an investigation in Congress of the sexual misconduct allegations against @realDonaldTrump", she tweeted, linking to a CNN report that a group of 54 women were involved in the effort.

She added that if Trump does not immediately resign, Congress "should have appropriate investigations of his behavior and hold him accountable".

While Trump has said the women's allegations are false, one of his key government appointees, Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said Sunday, "Women who accuse anyone should be heard".

Additionally, the organization stated that the "timing" of the claims inadvertently reveals the political motives behind them.

McGillivray, who said she's still shocked Trump was elected, is now joining calls from other accusers for Congress to investigate the accusations.

All 15 claims relate to incidents which allegedly took place before the 2016 presidential election, but despite being available to the public as early as October of past year, allegations surrounding the controversial head of state have largely been ignored.

He also attacked Sen. "And I think we heard from them before the election".

"I just watched Senator Al Franken do the honourable thing and resign from his office".

Asked if the women were considering taking similar legal action as Summer Zervos, a former contestant on NBC's "The Apprentice" who accused the president of similar allegations and has since sued for defamation, they all said the "court of public opinion" would decide his fate.



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