Westworld 2 Shuts Down Production Due To California Wildfires

Westworld 2 Shuts Down Production Due To California Wildfires

Production on popular show "Westworld" has been suspended due to Southern California wildfires.

One of the writers for S.W.A.T. tweeted that the safety of the cast and crew are of utmost importance to them, which is why they made a decision to not push through with their shooting schedule.

HBO's "Westworld" is set to resume production on its second season after shutting down operations on Monday due to concern over wildfire activity in the vicinity of the show's set.

"Production of 'S.W.A.T.' has been suspended for the day due to wildfires and unsafe air near our stages", a tweet from the "S.W.A.T." writer's account stated.

The Rye Fire has grown to 200 acres and has resulted in the 5 Freeway being closed which has impacted traffic on major roads. No homes have yet been threatened in the area, unlike what has happened in nearby Ventura and Sylmar.

A Santa Clarita Studios employee told Deadline this morning that the facility's internet was down, apparently because of the fire. Hopefully, the fires can be contained and filming will be able to resume in the near future.

Filming on Westworld season 2 has ground to a halt - and not for the first time.

Though we may not be getting Game of Thrones 8 next year, we will be getting the second season of HBO's fantastic Westworld. The cast and crew of the series brought home five Emmy awards.



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