We Have to Wait *How* Long Until 'Stranger Things' Season 3?!

We Have to Wait *How* Long Until 'Stranger Things' Season 3?!

Sometimes good things come to those who wait, but at the same time, the wait does seem a bit painful.

Stranger Things star - and the No. 1 Joe Keery fan on the internet - David Harbour scored his first Golden Globe nomination today (December 11) for best supporting actor in a television series, so you know what that means: It's time to do the Hopper Dance!

Netflix announced there would be a third series with a comical tweet on their official Twitter page. "Like, you probably won't get (season 3) until sometime in 2019". They've just posted up this new video, and it makes the show out to be a ridiculous 80s sitcom.

'And those guys work so hard. Westworld's second season was delayed for almost two years.

"My Christmas present came early this year", Harbour wrote.

We Have to Wait *How* Long Until 'Stranger Things' Season 3?!

Time is a synonym of quality, and as disappointing as it is for the fans to read, it is evident it is a small compensation for the assurance of a great third season. Season 3 is officially happening'. "So the more time they take, the better the scripts are, so that to me is the most important thing".

At least there are no signs that any of the cast members will be replaced.

And yes, he promised that if he walks away a victor on Golden Globe night, then fans can anticipate a recreation of his now-iconic Hopper Dance - on stage!

From the looks of it, 2018 doesn't look too exciting. The biggest missing detail was the season's anticipated launch date, and while it was assumed Netflix hadn't yet penciled one in, many fans expected it would be around autumn of next year.



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