Wanna Go SLI With Titan V? NVLINK Bridge costs 599 United States dollars

Nvidia launches Titan V desktop GPU to accelerate AI computation

The latest release from this lineup is Titan V GPU, which is created to bring tons of power to the people who are interested in dealing with machine learning applications.

All of the specifications stated above are, of course, higher compared to the older Pascal-based Titan Xp graphics card; the only exception being slower clock speeds on the new Titan V. Due to the use of HBM2, the Nvidia's newest graphics card now boasts a memory bandwidth speed of 653GBps - 106GBps higher than the Titan Xp.

"Our vision for Volta was to push the outer limits of high performance computing and AI". According to the company, the TITAN V's redesigned Tensor Cores, which feature independent parallel integer and floating-point data paths, help to fuel a whopping 9x uplift in raw horsepower compared to the TITAN Xp, coming in at a dizzying 110 TFLOPs for Deep Learning workloads.

Microsoft recently launched the Xbox One X console for $500 that is the most powerful console in the world right now in terms of specs but Nvidia wouldn't allow the PC Master Race to sulk as the company has revealed a massive graphics card, the Titan V priced at $3000.

All of that power is packed into the 21.1 billion-transistor GV100 GPU that is manufactured using a TSMC 12nm FFN high-performance process, customized for NVIDIA. "We broke new ground with its new processor architecture, instructions, numerical formats, memory architecture and processor links", said CEO Jensen Huang.

Well, it's possible. I already mentioned that I did not see an SLI connectors on the card, and made a comment about NVLINK, indeed the card has NVLINK Bridge connectors, which is a fundamental change, but also price. It also packs 4608K L2 cache and 12GB of 1.7Gbps (850MHz) clocked HBM2 memory on a 3072-bit memory interface.

As per Nvidia's claims, it is the world's most powerful GPU designed for PCs; it's powered by the advanced Nvidia Volta GPU architecture. The GTX 1080 still remains the best gaming GPUs available for the consumer.

You can buy the new TITAN V from NVIDIA directly for $2999.



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