Violence flares at protest close to US Embassy in Lebanon

Violence flares at protest close to US Embassy in Lebanon

There was no immediate comment from security forces.

At least two Palestinians, one woman and one minor, were shot and injured by Israeli forces in the southern Gaza Strip district of Khan Younis on Saturday morning, as Palestinians continued to demonstrate along the border with Israel in protest of US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

The forces fired tear gas when the demonstrators tried to breach the barbed wire and reach a closed road leading to the embassy, a police source said.

Israeli daily Maariv said the attacker was from the West Bank city of Nablus and held an Israeli work permit. In 2006, Lebanon's pro-Iranian Hezbollah movement fought a war against Israel.

It would be recalled that US President Donald Trump last Wednesday, in a complete break with the practice of his predecessors, announced that Jerusalem (Al Quds) is the capital of Israel, and gave instructions to begin moving the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

"It is not possible to take seriously the accusations and claims made by a mentality - which murdered thousands of innocent Palestinians, [and] turned the lands of Palestinians into open prisons - to suppress the guilt feelings".

Four Palestinians were killed and dozens injured in violence following the United States announcement.

On Wednesday, Trump officially declared the disputed city of Quds Israel's capital, despite warnings from around the world that the measure risks triggering a fresh wave of violence in the Middle East. He called Trump's declaration "null and void".

Turkey and Israel normalised their relations in recent years but Erdogan has continued to defend the Palestinian cause and has regularly criticised Israeli policy.

Trump's move has been hailed by Israel, but has outraged Palestinian leaders who say president Mahmud Abbas will refuse to meet US Vice President Mike Pence when he visits the region this month.



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