United Kingdom police foil plot to kill Theresa May

Alleged plot to blow up Theresa May foiled

The plan, revealed to the British Cabinet on Tuesday, allegedly involved planting a bomb outside the entrance to Downing Street gates before attackers would stab the United Kingdom leader in the ensuing chaos.

"It is in essence an extreme Islamist suicide plot against Downing Street", Sky News' report notes, referring to the residence of Britain's prime minister.

The two men have been arrested on suspicion of plotting to kill the prime minister by using a bomb disguised as a bag to blow off the gates of Downing Street and then attack her with knives.

MI5 has prevented nine terror attacks in the United Kingdom within the past year, director Andrew Parker said Tuesday, according to The Guardian.

It was not clear on Tuesday night what stage the plot was in or if any suspects have been arrested.

Details of the alleged terror plot were set out to Cabinet members yesterday during a briefing by Andrew Parker, the head of MI5.

Over several weeks, MI5, along with Scotland Yard and West Midlands Police, had been pursuing the case. The report said British security forces had missed chances to stop the attack.

But Anderson, a former terrorism law reviewer asked by the government to review the recent spate of terror attacks, concluded there is "no cause for despair". One of the men, named as Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, is accused of preparing acts of terrorism.

In May, 22 people died when suicide bomber Salman Ramadan Abed targeted concert-goers at Manchester Arena.

In 1991 the IRA launched a home-made mortar bomb attack on Number 10.



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