Tracking rain, a few snowflakes and much colder air Friday into Saturday

Rain Chances wind down today

Because much of the snow is falling during the day and temperatures are marginally cold, snow should accumulate more on non-paved surfaces, though higher elevations and on the north side of hills we may have to do some minor plowing of the snow.

A strip of wet snow and sleet is expected to develop by early Friday morning from eastern Louisiana to north Georgia, possibly including parts of the Atlanta metro area.

The U.S. National Weather Service has issued winter weather advisories in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Ground temperatures will be warm, air temperatures will remain a bit above freezing for most of the event, and rain could remain mixed in with the snow.

We will continue to see our next wave of moisture work in overnight, and it looks like most areas outside of the mountains will be faced with a chilly morning rain for the commute in on Friday. However, if we do see some light accumulations in a few areas, there could be a dusting of light snow mainly on grassy surfaces and elevated areas, again mainly in the western and northern Midlands.

The rest of the Southeast should see mainly a cold rain. But, most likely is "trace amounts to 2", Bernard said in a post on his Facebook page. Soil temperatures are around 50 degrees, and that will greatly limit the accumulation potential. Our skies will begin to clear out Friday afternoon but our temperatures will sit in the 30s throughout the day. Well, it's a snow forecast in Alabama - so, there WILL be surprises and things that we don't expect. We'll see more sunshine and cold temperatures on Sunday. Temperatures will drop to near 40 across the Pee Dee and into the lower 40s in the Grand Strand.

Additionally, a brief changeover to a rain, snow and sleet mix will be possible through mid-morning tomorrow before drier air gets pushed in behind another cold front tomorrow morning.