The Division Gets Free 1.8 'Resitstance' Update

The Division- West Side Pier

Ubisoft has just announced that "Resistance", Update 1.8 for Tom Clancy's The Division, is now available to everyone.

Tom Clancy's The Division may be nearly two years old at this point, but Ubisoft isn't giving up on their surprisingly-resilient MMO shooter yet. There's a lot to like in Resistance including a new area of the map, new PVP and PVE game modes, alongside tweaks and bug fixes. The update will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and it introduces a new area to players.

Resistance (PvE mode) - In Resistance, the different factions are teaming up for the first time to fight against Division agents. The free weekend will end on Sunday, December 10 at 10:59 p.m. PST, and the game's three expansions will also be free to play for everyone during this period. Waves of enemies spawn and players try to survive as long as they can. Be the team with the highest number of kills when the time limit expires. Defeated enemies drop resources that can either be used to set up defenses or extend the battlefield.

Other changes include a Rogue system overhaul, a gear optimization station for improving the quality of items, changes to the Underground missions, and more. You can check out a trailer for the free update, and a quick refresher on what's included, below.

Also, all owners of The Division can enjoy full access the content from the Season Pass, including all expansions with a free DLC week that runs from December 5-19.

As you would expect, any progress made will carry over to the full game if purchased.



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