TFD: Dry Christmas Trees Create Fire Hazard

TFD: Dry Christmas Trees Create Fire Hazard

"To keep your household from becoming a holiday fire statistic, please see the flyer which has some Christmas tree safety tips to follow!"

Each tree was decorated to say something about the organisation that provided it, and there was a good range of creativity and colour on display.

With the help of the Iona McGregor Fire District, we set up a Christmas tree that had been drying for a few days.

ABC-7 wanted to show you just how quickly a dry Christmas tree can go up in flames.

The video compares two trees - one has been regularly watered and one has not.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nationwide, there are 210 Christmas tree fires annually, resulting in $16.2 million in property damage, 16 injuries and six deaths. Regardless if a tree is alive or fake, it should be placed well away from heat sources such a vents and fireplaces.

Make sure the tree is not blocking an exit. Bottom line: Be safe this holiday season! "Don't overload the outlets".

Once your tree is watered and you're ready to hang the lights, double check none of the wires are frayed.

"Other than heating, that's our biggest problem", Wilson said.

Candles: December is the peak time of year for home candle fires.

Revd Mike Peatman of Morecambe Parish Church, said: "Each year we select a charity or cause to receive one third of the proceeds from the festival".

Sadly, six people died in Annapolis in January of 2015 due to a Christmas tree fire.



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