Superman's Black Recovery Suit was Filmed for "Justice League"


The report suggests that Warner Bros. are reportedly planning to either announce a replacement for Johns and Berg in January, or perhaps more concerning is the idea that they'll absorb control of DC Films into the studio's larger filmmaking operation.

He has joined Lego Movie producer Roy Lee's production banner, which is based on the studio's Burbank lot.

With scenes of Henry Cavill's Superman wearing a black costume left on the cutting room floor, we can only hope that Warner Bros. includes the deleted scenes on the Justice League Blu-ray. Picture Group President Toby Emmerich, this shift in personnel isn't entirely a reaction to the disappointing numbers from Justice League.

"This is something that Jon approached me about six months ago, and he expressed his goal was to ultimately be a producer at the studio", Warner Bros.

Naturally, hearing this from Hecker will only increase fans' desires for a Snyder cut, which could result in Warner Bros. putting out a new version of the film down the line. However, the outlet notes that Johns' involvement with DC films "may evolve" moving forward, and "could be more advisory in nature".

Emmerich is said to be considering folding the DC Films venture back into the main Warner Bros. film wing, and not with its own division. Director Zack Snyder stepped down during production because of the death of his daughter. It was too late for them to entirely course correct on Suicide Squad, which was just as ravaged by critics as Batman v. Superman had been-but after the unalloyed success of Wonder Woman this summer, a Variety lede proclaimed: "Jon Berg and Geoff Johns are riding high".

"Justice League" is predicted to end its run with an estimated total of 0 million.

WB's parent company, Time Warner, is said to have supported the moves as the corporate leaders are unhappy with the financial performance of Justice League (current box office at $572 million), which hada budget of around $300 million. A solo "Aquaman" is due out in 2018 and Warners is still developing a standalone Flash adventure.