Second partial implosion attempt at Pontiac Silverdome

Detonations can be seen during an attempted implosion of the Silverdome in Pontiac Michigan

Shortly before 4 p.m., WWJ Newsradio 950 learned they would again try to detonate the eight main charges that didn't go off Sunday.

A second partial implosion attempt of the Pontiac Silverdome was a success Monday afternoon, a full day and a half after its original implosion date. The blasts were meant to break the beams and cause the colossal ring to come crashing down, WDIV reported. "It's going to collapse, we just don't know when".

According to the demolition team, there will not be any additional blasts Sunday.

Crews were to partially implode the mechanical equipment platform at the top of the 400,000 square foot building.

The first time around, the demolition company handling the project placed explosives on the stadium's support beams - a plan similar to the one used recently to demolish the Georgia Dome.

Crews will use hydraulic excavators to take care of the rest of the structure in sections.

The Pontiac Silverdome was the former home of the Detroit Lions (1975-2001), the Detroit Pistons (1978-1988) and the North American Soccer League's Detroit Express (1978-1980).



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