Season-ticket holder sues Saints for refund because of player protests

Season-ticket holder sues Saints for refund because of player protests

A Saints fan named Lee Dragna, who appears to be a real dumbass, has filed a lawsuit against the team seeking a refund for his season tickets.

The lawsuit, which was first reported by the New Orleans Advocate, also claimed that some Saints players refused to take the field until after the national anthem in a Week 2 home game against the New England Patriots and that many fans booed and cursed at them when they entered the field, though there has never been any report of players staying behind in the locker room to protest during the anthem.

In the lawsuit, Dragna said that he and other fans "do not find these protests entertaining". Despite it being the fans that have caused a rowdy environment Dragna says, "the Saints created that behavior by condoning it".

However Dragna said he has not attended a Saints game since the September 17 game against the New England Patriots in New Orleans. Most notably in mid-October, when Saints players knelt during a moment of silence for a slain New Orleans police officer.

After Week 3, the players chose to kneel before the playing of the national anthem. "If you sell tickets to a gaming event for entertainment, you should not be allowed to turn it political".

"They don't even want to talk about this, but I don't care".

For the record, while National Football League teams could, as private employers, demand that players stand for the anthem, they have not taken that step and instead, at the behest of commissioner Roger Goodell, have held meetings with players and discussed what steps can be taken to help issues of racial and social inequality and injustice.

If you thought the outrage over NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem in order to call attention to police brutality and inequality was over, you were wrong. "One way or another they'll pay".

A Saints spokesperson told the Advocate on Tuesday that the team had forwarded the lawsuit to its legal department and would have no comment on the matter.

According to ESPN, there has been no report of Saints players remaining in the locker room as a protest during the anthem.

"Apparently, these players were following the lead of (former San Francisco 49ers quarterback) Colin Kaepernick by disrespecting the flag, the anthem, the US and those who have served and are serving the United States of America in our military", he said, taking the position of fans who oppose the protest.



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