Rumor: Apple May Be Working On An Even Cheaper iPad for 2018

Apple пообещала выпустить самый доступный iPad

According to DigiTimes, the tech giant's upcoming 9.7-inch iPad will be priced at around $259 for 2018.

For fans and anyone coveting an iPad at a more affordable rate, there is still a few months to wait to find out.

Sources say that the cheap iPad production will most likely be outsourced to Compal Electronics, while the PCB orders will be given to Compeq and Unitech Printed Circuit Board.

Earlier this year, Apple released their latest iPad at a very reduced cost of $329. Now some new reports are arriving from some market experts. Despite the slowdown in the tablet market in recent years, Apple's iPad has maintained its top position as far as sales are concerned.

Price of the device should be around $260, that is $70 cheaper than the current iPad. Neither Apple nor the said companies have commented on the rumor. They found the new iPad less expensive than others and it helped Apple to enhance the popularity of this gadget. Apple has been aggressively pushing its iPad range with cheaper prices on the regular variant and major yearly updates for the iPad Pro. With iOS 11 now out and bringing tablet-focused features like split-view multitasking and drag-and-drop, the iPad is closer to being your PC substitute than ever before. As potential buyers of a budget tablet from Apple referred to as consumers of industrial sector and service sector. While the standard 9.7-inch iPad looks to get cheaper in 2018, Apple's iPad Pro may get costlier if recent reports suggesting they'll come with slimmer bezels and Face ID facial recognition are true.



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