Robert Whittaker - Luke Rockhold Bout Expected For UFC 221

Georges St Pierre ‘Not Sure He Will Return to the Middleweight DivisionMore

St-Pierre talked about his future as a 185-pound fighter on TSN and is clearly having second thoughts about defending the title he won from Bisping after a four-year hiatus from the sport.

Luke Rockhold reportedly replaces Georges St-Pierre, battling out for middleweight belt against the interim champion Robert Whittaker at UFC 221.

Those anxious Georges St-Pierre would never defend the UFC middleweight title may have had their fears realized.

"I think that's f*cking ridiculous for Bisping to come back after getting knocked out two weeks before".

There is no word on when, or if, GSP will return to the Octagon, but it is apparent that his next venture inside the structure will not be at 185 pounds.

Rockhold, a 33-year-old American, is considered a step down in class from St-Pierre.

St-Pierre is now suffering from colitis, which is an inflammation of the colon which may or may not be related to his disastrous attempts to put on mass for his middleweight debut at UFC 217. He won't last here. "Just move along and let us handle our business here". Just three weeks later, "The Count" was back at it.

As a result, there are reports that a possible showdown between Rockhold and Whittaker could take place in early 2018.

Since then, however, the Canadian superstar has been diagnosed with colitis and he has chose to vacate his title.

St-Pierre said he has no regrets about his dietary approach to bulking up, because he did it "the natural way".

"It's not a fake diagnosis, I have the paper of the doctor and everything to prove it", St-Pierre said. And who do you think would emerge victorious in the potential match-up?

It's never a good idea to be on Dana White's bad side, but it's understandable if GSP doesn't want to gain that much weight again if he's that sick.



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