President Aoun's full speech at Jerusalem summit

President Aoun's full speech at Jerusalem summit

Erdogan called Israel a terrorist state and said "East Jerusalem should be declared the capital of Palestine" while addressing an emergency summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Istanbul this week.

"[We] consider that this risky declaration, which aims to change the legal status of the [city], is null and void and lacks any legitimacy", the group, with representatives from 57 states, said.

Turkey has been one of the most vocal critics of President Donald Trump's declaration last week that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Moreover, the prime minister said, another reason for the situation the Muslim world found itself was that "We are not writing enough, producing enough".

He said the summit resolved to take other important steps, such as bringing the Jerusalem issue to the United Nations, speeding up the process of recognizing Palestine as a state, merging funds to boost Jerusalem's economy and bringing the forgotten cause of Palestine to the worldwide agenda.

He said the issue of Al-Quds Al-Sharif is at the heart of the Palestinian cause and the decision by the USA is a provocation and has serious consequences on the security of the region. He said the world was a witness to a similar pattern of tragedy, both in scope and scale, adding that for seventy years, the people of Jammu and Kashmir had been subjected to illegal Indian occupation and blatant violation of their fundamental rights, including their right to self-determination.

" Such a move undermines all efforts towards finding a comprehensive, just and durable solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict".

Al-Quds said that US Vice President Mike Pence has delayed his upcoming visit to Israel and the region to next Wednesday.

"Israel is an occupying state (and) Israel is a terror state", he said.

In the note the heads of state and government of the Muslim countries have defined "null and void" the declaration of the White House, which has raised protests and indignation - with dead and wounded - and concerned by Pope Francis and the Christian leaders of the region. A source in the United States administration, behind anonymity, said he expected "a similar reaction" from the Palestinians, but we continue "in our plan, which will benefit the Israeli and Palestinian people".

The city is home to key religious sites sacred to Judaism, Islam and Christianity, especially in East Jerusalem.

"This step taken by the United States legitimises the occupation", of the Palestinian territories, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavsuoglu told a meeting of OIC foreign ministers.

"I invite all the countries that value global law and justice to recognise Jerusalem as the occupied capital of the Palestinian state", he said. While Trump's Jerusalem decision is a threat to regional countries, Israel foremost among them, the USA will also be affected by rising radicalism unless something is done to counter it.



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