Pokemon Go update brings 50 new Pokemons and weather changes

Above Pokemon Go will reflect real-world weather like

The mobile gaming sensation from past year, Pokemon Go, gets two major game updates. These creatures were originated from "Pokemon Ruby" and "Pokemon Sapphire". The other thing is weather conditions, which will impact the behavior of certain Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Trainers have a lot to look forward to this week, according to an announcement on the Pokemon GO website. Pokemon GO will now factor in the real-world environment and change Pokemon spawns and other goodies like stardust accordingly, adding some much-needed immersion to the title. This weather change will also influence the characteristics of Pokemon whose behavior changes with the weather.

Meanwhile, the "Pokemon GO" update will add up to 50 new Pokemon from the Hoenn region.

The five different types of weather are clear (effects grass, ground, and fire spawns), foggy (effects dark and ghost spawns), rainy (effects water, electric, and bug spawns), snowy (effects ice and steel spawns), and windy (effects dragon, flying, and psychic spawns). Plus, you'll be able to see the weather in-game.

We are not sure which new Pokemon are appearing later this week, but Niantic has at least mentioned the three Gen 3 starters (Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip).

Going on IGN to discuss some of Pokemon Go's newest features, Niantic's marketing lead, Archit Bhargava, went on to assure fans that the company still had plans to incorporate PvP and trading in Pokemon Go. For example, you'll have a larger chance of capturing Mudkip if you go out into the rain. Furthermore, you can also chase new characters, being brought from previous Pokemon games. Finally, weather will also aid your caught Pokémon; Charizard's attacks will be more powerful on a sunny day.



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