PlayStation Stores Leak The God Of War Release Date

God of War release date leaks on U.S. Play Station Store coming in March

To make matters even more interesting, Amazon UK has made a decision to slap a date on the official God of War art book, apparently set to release on the 15th March. They've historically preferred either Tuesdays or Fridays. However, someone has again changed the release date of God of War to December 31, 2018, on the PlayStation Store. Hopefully we'll be able to lock this date down soon.

Sony hasn't said a word about this yet, and likely won't until the PlayStation Experience event rolls around later this week.

This release date really wouldn't be a huge surprise (we knew it was coming Q1) and March has been as massive month for key PlayStation titles in previous years with both Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 (originally) both taking up these months. You guys can check out the screenshot of the God of War PS4 Chilean PS Store listing below.

Of course neither date can be confirmed, but the update does seem to come across as being a placeholder date, since we doubt Sony would release the game that late. We're definitely due for our Kratos fix. We must, therefore, take this information with caution, as it could be an error.

It would appear the Norse mythology-based reboot of God of Warmight have accidentally revealed its release date earlier than expected.



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