'Overwatch's' Winter Wonderland Event Returns Next Week

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event returns December 12

Certain Overwatch maps will be redone to suit the season. One such game is Overwatch, which will host its Winter Wonderland event for the second year in the row beginning next week. The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event release date is December 12.

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that the Winter Wonderland holiday event for Overwatch is set to return on December 12th, 2017, and will provide plenty of new goodies for players to enjoy this holiday season. Kaplan confirmed a "long-awaited Hanzo skin" as well as a skin for both Junkrat and Roadhog, leaving players to speculate on the rest. "I know a lot of you are thinking 'it sounds kind of silly and kind of ridiculous, ' and well, I'm here to tell you it absolutely is", says game director Jeff Kaplan in a video (seen below). This is a unique Arcade brawl where two teams of Mei's battle it out. Kaplan announced a new game mode in the developer update, this one once again featuring Mei.

Will you be playing Overwatch Return to Winter Wonderland? Called "Mei's Yeti Hunt", this game mode will task five different Mei players with hunting down and defeating a Yeti, who just so happens to be Winston in his holiday skin. In Mei's Yeti Hunt, each Mei will also have a special ice trap ability alongside her usual repertoire. In addition, there is the Mei snowball fight mode as well.

Speaking of Mei, Blizzard is planning a new event around the snowy scientist. The big thing here is that a player will actually control the yeti, which is a powered up version of Winston. When the game begins, the Meis must attempt to hunt down and eliminate Winston, while he does he best to avoid detection and snaffle up as many meat power-ups as he can.



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