Next week's Monster Hunter

The palicos of Monster Hunter World.  Capcom

Here's how much space you'll need for Monster Hunter World.

It's been a pretty exciting week for Monster Hunter fans, with over seven new trailers giving players more than enough hype to ride the tides on until its official release next year.

While the previous beta was for PlayStation Plus subscribers only, Capcom is bringing Monster Hunter: World to PlayStation 4 again with an open beta. It will run for a total of four days, ending at the same times on December 26 (or December 27, for those in some time zones).

In the meantime, the pre-load of the beta will begin on December 18 and Capcom added that the client from the first beta can be used to play the second, so hold on to it if you haven't deleted it and intend to play again.

The title is slated to have it's open beta next week, so make sure you have a portion of space if you wish to give it a try. If you still have the beta client from the first beta, Capcom added that you will be able to use the same client to play the second beta.



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